July 23 → August 04 2020

Online engagement about Peterborough Diversity Equity and Inclusion Priorities and Activities

The City of Peterborough will be engaging online to gather information related to the 10 Common Commitments for the Coalition of Inclusive Municipalities and to identify possible activities and priorities for the next year.
August 05 → August 11 2020

Focus Groups - Deeper Dive into Diversity Equity and Inclusion priorities and actions

 2 hour online sessions, building on the results on the online engagement. This focus group will engage agencies involved in diversity, equity and inclusion work in the City of Peterborough to further develop priorities and actions that can be achieved over the next year within existing resources. If you are interested in attending this session please contact Nancy Fischer nfischer@peterborough.ca 705-748-8830 x 3814

October 05 2020

General Committee meeting

Anticipated date for report to update Council