Cycling Lanes on Charlotte Street?

You may be wondering what work is being done on Charlotte Street west of Park Street. To preserve the pavement, it is being micro-surfaced, a treatment that keeps asphalt in good condition for longer, economically. As part of this project, we are looking at whether this section of Charlotte Street should have cycling facilities. When the top layer of asphalt is replaced, it is the ideal time to change the layout of a street because we will be starting with a blank slate in terms of pavement markings. The curbs are remaining the same, so there will be no changes to the trees, boulevard, sidewalks or driveways. Any changes we are looking at are on the street itself, from curb to curb. For a full picture of this aspect of the project, watch our video presentation.

So, what are the options? Between Park Street and Monaghan Road, there is currently a parking lane on the north side and two vehicle lanes, one in each direction. If the parking lane were removed, there would be enough room to put in cycling lanes instead. Examining the options here is part of the scope of the Cycling Master Plan project that the IBI Group is currently leading. They have looked at the options (two-way cycling lane, etc.) and are recommending one cycling lane in each direction.

The image below depicts how the street would be configured with cycling lanes, including a small, painted buffer.

For the section of Charlotte Street between Monaghan Road and Hospital Drive, there are several changes that would be needed to fit in cycling lanes. One eastbound vehicle lane would need to be removed just east of Sherbrooke Street, new left turn lanes provided at the Westmount Pharmacy and the Medical Centre and the left turn lane at Monaghan Road would be a shorter, dedicated lane,

We want to know what you think about these concepts to include cycling infrastructure along Charlotte Street. Fill out the survey to provide your comments.

Charlotte Street Survey

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