May 21 2020

Cycling Master Plan Begins

The Notice of Study Commencement was issued May 28, 2020, announcint that the project  formally started, following the procedures of an Environmental Assessment.

May → August 2020

Initial Cycling Survey - Completed

We are drafting a Vision for cycling in the City of Peterborough and this survey helped us to know what we should be striving for. The survey asked questions about cycling in the city, including both impressions and needs.

September → October 2020

Public Consultation #1 - completed

The purpose of the first public engagement was to get input on the draft vision statement, principles for deciding where cycling routes should be provided and targets for growing cycling over the next 20 years.

Information and surveys were posted on-line and there were three ways to engage:

  1. Participating in an on-line public meeting held September 24, 2020
  2. Reading information provided on-line and completing the survey
  3. Placing pins on the on-line interactive map showing routes to include on the map of Candidate Cycling Routes

December 2020

Background Document Published

This background document will be used to set the foundation for the Cycling Master Plan. It includes the input received on the first two surveys.

March 2021

Vision and Goals Published

The Vision and Goals provide overarching direction for the Cycling Master Plan.

April 2021

Public Consultation #2 - completed

A draft of the proposed Cycling Network was shared for comment.

July 2021

Initial Recommendations to City Council

The initial recommendations for the Cycling Master Plan report were presented at the July 5, 2021 meeting of General Committee. The Vision, Goals and Scenario recommendations were approved by City Council on July 26, 2021.

September 2021

Cycling Master Plan Development

Using the background information and feedback from the public engagements, work will continue on the Cycling Master Plan report. The report will include recommendations  on policies, programs, design standards, maintenance standards and the development of the cycling network. The cycling network includes multi-use trails and infrastructure along roads such as cycling lanes and mulit-use paths beside roads.

February 2022

Cycling Master Plan Report to Council

It is anticipated that the Cycling Master Plan report will go to City Council in the winter of 2022 for approval.