What is a Cycling Master Plan?

    A Cycling Master Plan is a long-term strategic plan intended to guide the development and implementation of a cycling network as well as supporting programs and policies.  The Plan will recommend ways for the City of Peterborough to support cycling as part of the broader multi-modal transportation network. Specifically, it will include recommended cycling and trail projects and facility types, an action-oriented implementation plan, and policies and strategies that will encourage more people to choose cycling as a transportation option in Peterborough.

    What will the Cycling Master Plan do?

    The Cycling Master Plan will help Peterborough: 

    • Identify ways to increase the growth of cycling
    • Guide the development of the cycling network in a coordinated and strategic manner;
    • Ensure that the cycling network becomes better connected, accessible, and safe; and
    • Contribute to sustainability and climate change action in Peterborough.

    What is the scope of the Cycling Master Plan?

    The Cycling Master Plan is for the City of Peterborough and will include recommendations for policies, infrastructure, maintenance and programming components of building a more cycling friendly city.  The Cycling Master Plan will feed into the update of the Transportation Master Plan, which will be taking place concurrently. The Plan will address both regular bikes and e-bikes, recognizing that e-bike use is projected to increase.

    What are the steps involved in creating the Cycling Master Plan?

    1. Assessing the existing cycling network; reviewing recent travel trends, patterns, and infrastructure growth; and identifying best practices.
    2. Developing a long-term vision and goals for Peterborough’s cycling network, considering the potential for cycling to impact climate change targets and infrastructure priorities.
    3. Establishing a comprehensive network plan made up of both road and trail cycling projects for the short- and long-term.
    4. Strengthening existing policies and programs and recommending new policies which promote cycling as an attractive transportation option.
    5. Developing recommendations for eight streets where construction is anticipated in the short term.
    6. Developing design guidelines to be used in future cycling projects.

    When will the Cycling Master Plan be completed?

    The Cycling Master Plan is expected to be finalized by spring 2021.

    How can I be involved and provide input?

    Public engagement is an important part of creating a Cycling Master Plan.  This on-line public engagement site will be the primary way to provide input into the plan as it develops. Be sure to sign up for updates so that you are included in surveys and are notified of other opportunities to provide input!

    There will be at least one survey and two public information centres.  The first one is anticipated to occur in Fall 2020 and the second one is anticipated to take place in early Spring 2021.

    Workshops are planned around key issues with stakeholder groups such as the Peterborough Bicycle Advisory Committee, B!KE, GreenUP, Peterborough and the Kawarthas Tourism, and others.

    You can provide input into the Plan at any time by contacting the project team.

    How can I reach the project team?

    The project team can be reached at any time through the City and the Consultant Project Managers:

    Sue Sauvé

    Transportation Demand Management Planner
    City of Peterborough
    705-742-7777 Ext. 1485

    Zibby Petch, P.Eng.
    Consultant Project Manager
    IBI Group
    905-546-1010 Ext. 63123