Will the road be closed during construction?

    The construction staging of the new bridge will maintain 2 lanes of traffic (one lane in each direction) during construction.

    When will the construction take place?

    The City currently does not have funding secured for the construction project. Following the Environmental Assessment, the City will incorporate the project as part of its 10 year capital budget process. 

    Will the new bridge increase flooding?

    No, the new bridge will not increase flooding along  Television Road.  It will provide a larger waterway opening and greater reliability in keeping the road open during significant floods.

    Will the new bridge include sidewalks?

    Yes, the interim and ultimate bridge designs will accommodate pedestrians and cyclists on either a sidewalk or multi-use path.

    Will the bridge be 4 lanes?

    The ultimate (future) bridge is being planned for 4 lanes (2 lanes in each direction). The future timing of the widening of Television Road to 4 lanes, as identified in the City's Comprehensive Transportation Master Plan, will be defined through a separate Environmental Assessment study.