Phase 1 Implementation and Phase 2 Study Commencement

CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.

Phase 1

City Council met on May 25th and approved the Traffic Calming Policy and the five Phase 1 Pilot Neighbourhood Traffic Calming Study Plans. The council also approved the recommendations for implementing an education and enforcement program for at least 12 months for the Romaine Street (Town Ward) location, and that the Parking By-law and the Traffic By-law be amended to authorize the implementation of the 5 plans. Council approved the recommendation that the 2021 Capital Budget for the Traffic Calming Project be increased to $325,000 among other related items. The General Committee met on Jun 7, 2021. All motions including the above were carried.

Phase 2

The City of Peterborough's new Traffic Calming Policy provides City staff with a formal method of receiving, evaluating and addressing traffic calming concerns raised by residents. Following the success of the City’s Phase 1 Pilot Study which worked with 5 neighbourhoods throughout the City to develop traffic calming plans, the City is extending the pilot to Phase 2. The Phase 2 pilot study neighbourhoods are:

  • High Street (Ward 1 – Otonabee)
  • Highland Road (Ward 5 – Northcrest)
  • Whitefield Drive/Golfview Road/Silverdale Road (Ward 1 – Otonabee)

The consulting team will assess current conditions in each of the Phase 2 pilot study neighbourhoods and will apply the Neighbourhood Traffic Calming Policy to produce a Traffic Calming Plan. The Traffic Calming Plan will be informed by conversations and input from residents. The outcome will be the Traffic Calming Policy and Toolkit that will apply to the City as a whole.

A notice of study commencement will be published shortly.

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