What is Traffic Calming?

    Traffic calming is a set of measures used to “calm” trafficThe ultimate goal is to create safer streets for all users. This includes pedestrians, people who use mobility devices, cyclists and motorists. Measures can reduce speeds, limit cut-through traffic, and discourage poor driving habits, such as distracted or aggressive drivingPhysical changes to the roadway such as speed cushions or rumble strips can calm traffic. Education campaigns or traffic enforcement can help to change driver behaviour 

    What is a Traffic Calming Policy?

    A Traffic Calming Policy: 

    • is an official municipal document.  
    • outlines guidelines to make roads safer.  
    • outlines the process for initiating a traffic calming study.  
    • sets criteria to evaluate a traffic calming request.  
    • is paired with a toolkit (or menu) of solutions for City staff to consider in a neighbourhood 

    What is a Traffic Calming Study?

    A Traffic Calming Study assesses the conditions of a local road, intersection, or neighbourhood. The purpose is to see whether traffic calming measures are needed. A Study measures several factors such as road length and average speed. This evaluation will determine if a road meets the criteria to warrant traffic calming measures.  

    What is a Traffic Calming Toolkit?

    A Traffic Calming Toolkit is a menu of potential solutions a City might consider to address traffic concerns on a specific street. The Toolkit recognizes that no potential “fix” is one-size-fits-all. Toolkits typically include a series of physical road changes (e.g., speed bumps, rumble strips, stop signs, etc.). They can also include behaviour change initiatives such as road safety campaigns and traffic enforcement. The Toolkit is paired with a set of evaluation criteria, which are used to assess if a particular tool is the right fit for an identified area. The Toolkit supports City staff decision-making when assessing the design of streets in our community. 

    Why is the City developing a Traffic Calming Policy and Toolkit?

    The City is formalizing the process to receive, evaluate and address traffic calming requests The process will provide Peterborough with a fair and standardized approach. The Policy will incorporate best practices in traffic calming.  

    The final Council-approved Policy will include: 

    • A clear process to determine if traffic calming is appropriate for a given roadway. 
    • A set of typical traffic calming “tools”. 
    • neighbourhood engagement framework for future traffic calming studies. 

    What is Phase 1 of the project?

    Phase 1 of the project will include traffic calming studies in five neighbourhoodsAll five municipal wards are represented in the project. The studies will assess current conditions and provide recommended solutions to address traffic issues in each neighbourhood. This work will act as a pilot for testing future initiatives. 

    Where are the Traffic Calming Studies taking place?

    Phase 1 of the project focuses on the following five neighbourhoods:

    • Westridge Boulevard / Cherryhill Road – Monaghan Ward 
    • Franklin Drive – Northcrest Ward 
    • Auburn Street / Dunlop Street – Ashburnham Ward 
    • Sherburne Street / Morrow Street / Montgomery Street – Otonabee Ward 
    • Romaine Street – Town Ward 

    How can I participate?

    We want to hear from residents, property owners and people who work in the identified study areas. Feedback will be collected through scheduled virtual workshopsan online questionnaire, and communications with the City and consulting team. These opportunities will be available to those in the identified study areas. 

    Will there be additional phases?

    Yes, Phase 2 of the project will commence in fall 2020 and will continue to early winter 2021. 

    How can I stay informed of future updates?

    Sign up for project updates on the Sign up tab on www.connectptbo.ca/TrafficCalming to receive email updates! 

    Who can I contact if I have questions?

    Questions should be directed to the project team by emailing CalmStreetsPTBO@peterborough.ca.

    When will the Traffic Calming Policy and Toolkit be completed?

    A Draft Report of findings will be submitted to Council. The report will include all neighbourhood traffic calming studies conducted during the project. If approved, this will become the Final Traffic Calming Update Report. This will enable municipal staff to proceed with the new Traffic Calming Policy and Toolkit. It is anticipated that the report will be submitted to Council prior to Phase 2 in Fall 2020.