What should we expect on the day of migration to Outlook?

    • Available, trained and local support personnel
    • Service Desk capacity for reporting and resolving urgent issues
    • Process for communicating critical issues to all users
    • Self-support site established and promoted to assist staff with resolving basic items
    • Support calls routed appropriately and resolved efficiently

    Will my archived emails be moved over to Outlook?

    Yes, email archives will be moved over to Outlook. 

    There is a small risk associated with the migration of data over to the new system. Experience shows that less than 0.05% of data may be lost - that's one out of 2,000 emails. 

    When the data is transferred over, there will be an overlap when you can see your new Outlook email folders as well as your old GroupWise email folders so you can verify everything migrated.

    How do appointments migrate over into the Outlook calendar?


    • All reoccurring appointments migrate as single appointments
    • All links are broken so rescheduling does not change appointments in other mailboxes
    • Appointments in any folder other than Calendar will be automatically accepted and moved to Outlook Calendar folder.
    • Deleting migrated appointment will send a decline notification to the rest of the invitees

    What will happen to my personal contact groups?


    • All address books migrated as contact folders
    • Organization Contacts not migrated
    • Personal Groups Migrated but only name and email for external contacts is migrated.
    • Personal Groups with Nested Groups (or sub-groups) will migrate with nested group names but no other information. They will need to have groups re-added by users.

    What happens to Shared Folders, Shared Address Books, and Proxy Rights?

    Shared Folders

    • Shared folders usually migrated as owner’s personal folder
    • Migration to public folders is not supported

    Shared Address Books

    • Will be migrated as personal address book for owner
    • Users will have to re-share address books from Outlook

    Proxy Rights

    • Proxy rights migration are not exact
    • Full rights will need to be granted through Delegate rights

    What happens to the Rules that I setup for my emails?

    Rules for an individual's email account - such as a vacation rule that can be turned on to forward emails when you're away from the office or a rule to automatically re-route emails from a specific sender - aren't migrated to Outlook.