When will the address change?

    The effective date of the address change is to be determined. After the feedback survey closes on March 19th staff will review the comments and will determine the next steps. A notice will be sent 3 months prior to the effective date to all residents and owners.

    My address won't verify when I try to make a change online or by phone

    Canada Post will be updating their system on or after August 23rd. When updating your address online or by phone, some online services will need to sync with Canada Post before they can use your new address. This sync schedule is variable.

    Please also see the Education Package under Delivery Companies for more information. This can apply to many other companies too.

    You have free mail forwarding for 1 year. Any mail sent to the old address will use this mail forwarding and will be delivered to you for 1 year.

    Will we still have building letters?

    No, the Building letters will be discontinued with this address change. The change will update the address of “963 Armour Rd” to “__ Paddock Wood”. The removal of the building letters is essential to clarifying the service delivery issues.

    What will my new mailing address look like?

    Canada Post address line format suggests a specific format. For example:

    14 Paddock Wood, Unit 2 would have the following address formatting:

    2 - 14 Paddock Wood
    Peterborough ON   K9H 7H2

    11 Paddock Wood, Unit 6 would have the following address formatting:

    6 - 11 Paddock Wood
    Peterborough ON   K9H 7H2

    Do I need to pay to receive mail forwarding?

    Canada Post has kindly offered one year of free mail forwarding for every unit from the effective date of the address change.

    Will Google or other GPS services be updated with the address change?

    Google will currently direct a search for all of the new subject addresses to the correct street, including a direction to turn onto Paddock Wood. Other GPS services may validate the addresses if they currently have the street Paddock Wood on their mapping. Paddock Wood is currently a legal street.

    The City will submit issues to Google and a list of known GPS companies 3 months prior to a change. The City is not aware that the GPS companies send responses to issue submissions. It is the responsibility of GPS users to update their map product.

    Will my taxes increase due to this address change?

    No, municipal taxes will not be affected by this project. This project has no budget attached to it.

    Will the tax billing address be updated?

    Yes, the municipal address will be updated in the Tax records. The mailing (billing) address will be updated where the municipal address and the current mailing address match the records. Where the mailing address is not the municipal location/address no update will take place.

    What is the official street name?

    The streets' legal name is “Paddock Wood”. There is not a reference to “St” or “Rd” or “Ave” etc in the legal name.

    Will the City update the signage?

    The City will provide green 9-1-1 address flags and will post them at the entrances to the driveways of each address location at the time of the change. It is the responsibility of property owners to update private signage. Please see City by-law 2009-050 for more details including standards for municipal number signs.

    Do I need to pay to change my ID?

    The Government of Ontario has listed the service to change the address on identification and health cards as a free service.

    Will Canada Post "change of address cards" be mailed free of postage?

    Canada Post provides Change of Address mailing cards when Canada Post Corporation initiates the address change. This is not a service offered in this circumstance.