How can I provide feedback during this consultation process?

    A survey on the potential re-design of the Peterborough Sport & Wellness Centre changerooms is open from March 26 to April 22, 2021 with the results going to City Council for direction on the project.

    The survey and project information are available at the Wellness Centre at 775 Brealey Dr., online at, and by calling the Wellness Centre at 705-742-0050. 

    Copies of the survey are being mailed to Peterborough Sport and Wellness Centre members who have not provided an email address for corresponding with the Wellness Centre – anyone else who would like a copy mailed to them can contact the Wellness Centre at 705-742-0050 ext. 2202 or email

    Will the entire Centre close to complete these renovations?

    The centre will remain partially open during the renovations.  Areas including the gymnasiums, multipurpose rooms, and fitness centre will remain available. This includes the four (4) changeroom locations located next to the gymnasium.  These four (4) changerooms include two (2) male and (2) female washrooms.

    Why are you replacing the HVAC Unit?

    The main mechanical component related to heating of both the pool air and water, referred to as the Dectron, has reached end of life and requires replacement to avoid a mechanical failure. A planned replacement reduces the risk of an extended shutdown of the pool that would occur if there was a mechanical failure that forced an unscheduled replacement.

    Why are you renovating the changeroom spaces?

    The design of the pipes, including type of material, location and distance of the existing pipes have led to pest control issues, clogging and resulted in a partial shutdown of changerooms in the past couple years.

    Temperature control issues, which have led to inconsistent temperatures in both the male and female changerooms, are a result of the current design of the space. To rectify these issues, replacement of pipes and fixtures is required. Given the scope of work required, consideration for space design is being reviewed. This includes consideration of universal design concepts to improve accessibility for customers, increased space requirements and placement of fixtures.

    Is there a detailed design or drawings I can see?

    At this stage of the project, a concept plan on the option to replace the communal, group changerooms with individual, private changerooms is available. You can find this in the Documents section of this page.

    Where can I see the council reports on the project?

    All documents including the report shared with council on December 1, 2020 can be found in the Documents section of this page.

    Why is a universal changeroom design being considered?

    Our changeroom spaces should be accessible for all clients. Universal concepts are inclusive of a variety of user groups. Therefore, the efficiency and effectiveness of the space is essential to ensure a positive experience of all clients. Universal design concepts consider a diverse type of features, including privacy, gender, accessibility, assistive features, flexibility of use, traffic flow and optimization of the number of users able to access the space.

    From an operational perspective, replacing communal, group gender-specific changerooms with private, individual changerooms would support cleaning of the facilities and reduce disruption to members during cleaning. When the group changerooms need to be cleaned, it can require a shutdown of the entire changeroom for a period during the cleaning. With private, individual changerooms, a smaller block of individual changerooms could be closed, leaving the rest available for use.

    What flooring options are being considered in the changeroom design?

    As the project is still in its beginning stages, specific fixtures have not yet been chosen. However, the project team intends to focus on options that provide a non-slip surface without the use of tiles or grout. This will support more streamlined cleaning measures and allow for a safe travel on a wet surface.

    There is a new boot and coat area in one of the options for the design. Am I supposed to leave my personal belongings here? Will they be locked up?

    This design incorporates a space where participants can hang their jacket on a hook and sit on a bench while removing outdoor footwear. This area is located after the gate, in a secured space that will be monitored by closed circuit video surveillance. Participants may choose to leave their boots and coats in this space, but we encourage everyone to lock all personal items in their locker for security.

    Can I leave my personal belongings in the changing rooms while I access the Centre?

    The changing rooms incorporated in the design provide users with a fully enclosed, private room to get changed. These rooms include a bench and hook to support users while they use the space. However, they are meant to be used temporarily. Items should be locked in a locker once you have finished using the changing rooms so that other participants may access the space.

    Is the pool viewing area increasing or decreasing through this design?

    The pool deck itself is not included in this renovation. The current pool viewing area located in the lobby, will now be a closed-in multipurpose room maintaining the glass wall looking into the aquatic centre. Based on programming availability, this room can be made available to parents and guardians to watch their swimmers during lessons.

    When will the construction phase begin?

    The timing is under review and will vary depending on the option selected.

    Will the pool be closed?

    The Aquatic Centre and changeroom areas will be closed during the construction phase, as the mechanical equipment and infrastructure will be replaced during this stage.

    Has LETT Architects participated in other universal changeroom projects before?

    Yes. LETT Architects designed the inclusive washroom pavilion at Nicholls Oval park and the inclusive comfort station at Beavermead Campground.

    Is it true that the changeroom renovations are required due to the temporary shelter services provided at the Centre in the Spring of 2020?

    No. The temporary shelter that operated out of the Sport & Wellness Centre was located in the gymnasiums. A physical barrier prevented access to the lobby, fitness centre, aquatic centre and the changerooms included in this renovation. We appreciate the hard work the shelter staff did to maintain areas they accessed, which needed very minimal maintenance upon the shelter leaving in June of 2020.